Goodbye Enchanted Burlesque

The time has come and I can not put it off any longer, it is not fair to my lovely audience members or the performers who have sent me their CV’s with a view to be hired for the next Enchanted Burlesque show.

Here’s the horrible truth: there will not be another Enchanted Burlesque show. I know this will surprise some of you. It will dismay others, and those who know me and what has happened will be sad for me but will understand why I have come to this conclusion.

Enchanted Burlesque was run by myself and James LaVey. Neither of us took any money for promoting and programming the show as we did it for the love of  burlesque and preferred to spend the money we could have taken as a wage to secure the finest and most talented performers we could, that was always forefront in my mind giving the audience the best high quality show possible whilst aiming to keep the ticket price affordable to all.

My marriage to James LaVey has ended and I feel it would not be the same to run Enchanted Burlesque without him and so I am closing down the show and the production company to start again with a new production company of my own and a new name for the show, I am going to change everything but keep the quality of acts as high as possible because I will not accept a drop in the professionalism, uniqueness, humor and talent of the performers I hire.

Enchanted Burlesque was my baby and I put blood sweat and tears into it – literally. I nurtured it to maturity over many years with no money to spend on media campaigns I relied on word of mouth, posters, flyers and social media and I managed to turn a small pub show into a highly respected sell out theatre production. To everyone who ever supported me and my events in any way I want to say thank you. A show is nothing without the support of the fans, venues, performers, community & all the people behind the scenes that made the show run like a well oiled machine.

I think for now the best course of action is to get everything ready to roll and then announce my new show. It will be listed on my performance website and of course once I have a name for the show it will be featured on social media.

A new chapter of my life is starting and I hope you will take this journey with me and support my new show by attending and having a chat with me after over an adult beverage.

Thanks for reading this. See you at the end of the Rainbow.


Angel LaVey xxx